Christopher Mardiroussian


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Cinema Italian Style Film Festival
[Co-Writer / Executive Producer]

"Il Breakup"

Won First Prize for Best of Contemporary Italian Cinema

Young Guido gives love another chance after getting his heart broken on Valentine’s Day.

Written by Chris Mardiroussian and Ericka de Alexander
Directed by Ericka de Alexander

Inspired by Life Is Beautiful and Bicycle Thieves.

LA Shorts International Film Festival
[Executive Producer]

"The First Color"

Winner of the Disability Issues Award of Merit

Devon’s mother is a painter who has been diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). Now the Tout family must find a way to help her find hope. 

Written by Hannah Kelley and Ericka de Alexander
Directed by Ericka de Alexander



Participatory Composition in an electrate era​

In this episode “Participatory Composition in an electrate era,” I interview media scholar Dr. Henry Jenkins, digital rhetoric scholar Dr. Sarah Arroyo, and my colleagues Jessie Bullard and Blanca Puing to discuss what would it mean for students to experiment, investigate, and explore Participatory Composition in FYC as not simply “texts or status updates” (Reid 2014), but as valid, rhetorical practices that rethink their roles as writers in an academic system that, according to Ulmer (2015), has entered an “electrate age.”


The C.A.R. Show Presents: S-Town and the Master-Slave Dialectic​

This week’s episode discusses and gives insight into Hagel’s Master Slave dialectic to S-Town.