Time of year

Time of year

Image Credit: @bretkavanaugh on Unsplash

It’s that time of year,


Razor blade winds

chill school stressed skin,

One-by-one, each hair springs

like a geyser

reciting the national anthem

at a ball game.


It’s that time of year,

Coffee beans consumed in

Guinness World Record nuns,

Take the gold medal from Mississippi’s

Defending champion Ramon,

6-foot Hungarian raccoon.


It’s that time of year,

According to Channel 5 news,

Where 80% of the body’s prime-time

Caffeine levels continue

to Wall Street levitate

Veins to automatically implode

And I quote,

“We pop caffeine like Adderall”

through our potty mouths,

down the esophagus,

And out the anus!


It’s that time of year,

Sleep deprivation

What is that?


Who fucking cares!


It’s that time of year,

Grocery stores are rural farms,

Humanoids are livestock,

Smothering ourselves

in these farms filled with

Nitrous Oxide fumes,

Zombie insomnia from Starbucks

sunrise to Red Bull sunset,

With nothing to McDonald–

Mcmuffin–Mcstuffin ingurgitate,

but paper cans, gummies,

all lean-mean machines

to be slaughtered by farmers

whose assigned grades below

USDA Prime

Killed us all.


It’s that time of year,

we want to relax,

but it’s only Monday.