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I am a writer, poet, and educator. Not only am I dedicated to my craft, but my devotion to creating, collaborating, and exploring the unknown is what keeps my journey in motion…


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I discuss with the Author Library Network a variety of things from my collection of poetry, my delve into film making, and what I have planned next, besides being a teacher at CSU Long Beach!

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In this second full-length collection of poetry, BLUNDER DOWN UNDER offers a vivid array of stories that have biting, outrageous voices which invite readers to dive in head-first into their wild and sensual antics. These poems take readers through the many bittersweet trials and tribulations of life by offering an eclectic mix of sounds, images, and voices in a meditative, funky introspective way. These explore the tenderness of identity, sexuality, and/or absurd realities of twenty-first century America with a lot of jaw-dropping madness along the way. These poems combine the comedic timing of Hunter S. Thompson, the sharp dialogue of David Mamet, and the brutal realism of Charles Bukowski.. A collection of poetry for our times, BLUNDER DOWN UNFER is raw, lyrical, and unapologetic.